We came to you for large installation work that included all the associated building work. Your installation and maintenance service are all undertaken in compliance with the latest legislation and building code requirements, and we sure appreciate that! The office now looks great and feels warm and comfy, and is a pleasure to work at. Keep up the great job, cheers!

ul. Kościuszki 12, 32-300 Olkusz

e-mail: olkusz@okno-projekt.pl
tel. kom. 793-313-226
tel. 32 645 10 44

ul. Krakowska 31 A ( na przeciwko marketu Biedronka) 32-065 Krzeszowice

e-mail: biuro@okno-projekt.pl
tel. kom. 530 420 761
tel. 12 200 29 93

e-mail: krakow@okno-projekt.pl
tel. 660-139-532

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